3D Measurement

IMG_1071Our 3D measurement service is provided using an API T3 Laser Tracker, this offers unique accuracy and exceptional portability.

This accuracy and portability gives us the measurement solutions we seek to provide our customers with the best possible service. This service can also be enhanced with use of a Faro Arm combined with scanner head to capture the smallest and most detailed component features.

We operate our laser tracker using “Verisurf Software” this gives us the very best data capture and presentation options available.

CIMG1299IMG_0554Turbine Shot

2D Measurement

In addition to our 3D service we also provide 2D measurement. This service has the benefit of offering the same high degree of accuracy but potentially at a lower cost. We have many bespoke fixtures on the shelf allowing us to mobilise quickly to measure the many and varied machines and components out there. All rotating and reciprocating machines used in the power generation are covered. Using our 2 axis laser measurement equipment the following measurements can be made, Bore Alignment, Roll Alignment, Flatness, Straightness, Squareness and Parallelism.



Steam Turbine Train Alignment

Since 1996 we have provided vital Steam Turbine Train Alignment services to base load power station operators during planned outages. Our customers have relied on the equipment and skill sets we bring also the many years of experience accrued and independence of this service.

Taking just 1 single day out of the outage programme has huge financial benefit to the operator.