Marine Service

Our focus is on getting your new build or failed machine up and running on a solid foundation in the shortest possible time. We should be your first port of call, whether it’s for re-aligning and resin chocking ‘A’ Bracket and Stern Tube Bearings, Line Shaft Bearings, Gearboxes, Main Engines, Auxiliary or Deck Equipment – to minimise downtime and save you money.

Many years hands on experience in the marine repair sector tells us that while rapid response is essential, it’s only half the solution. More critical is having the right people on your vessel with the right equipment and materials.

Always bear in mind when your job requires Epocast epoxy resin chocks pouring, we have the strongest relationship and support from ITW Performance Polymers, we stock all required materials at our works. It gives us a 24-hour head start over all others. So when we arrive on-board to align your machine we have all the materials we need. Epocast is a sister product to Chockfast Orange and is the Royal Navy’s preferred chocking material.

Fine-Align can be anywhere on the UK coast within 10 hours and we’re less than five hours to many of the busiest locations.